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Optimum piping system

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We establish an "optimum piping system" suitable for customers' purposes and usage.

Ihara Science is a company which applies science for "optimum piping" for all fluids in all industries. Of course, we make optimal fittings and valves for this purpose. Since fittings and valves are part of piping, we pride ourselves on being a "scientific manufacturer", seriously pondering how we can further improve the flow of fluid.
We design piping, including processing, assembly and maintenance as well. We not only seek and consider what is "optimum" from various perspectives but also properly put it into shape and provide. Although people tend to think of it as "just piping," we work on establishing piping. With such obsession and pride, we provide "optimum piping" to customers.
Leave piping system establishment up to Ihara Science.
The wisdom and technology of Ihara Science turns your problems such as cost reduction (reduction in material costs and man hours), sales expansion (stock reduction and piping optimization) and so on to solutions.
We reduce your material costs.
Material selection through a reduction in connecting process, quality improvement and usage is achieved.
By reducing material costs, we provide low-cost and high quality piping systems.
POINT!: "Reduce the quantity of fittings" and reduce material costs.

Introduction of custom fittings
Integrate plural fittings and valves (adapterless, connectorless and so on)

Introduction of long fittings
Bend tube and set fitting (welding)
Example: Combine plural fittings
We reduce your man hours (serve as a substitute).
Ihara Science serves as a substitute for processes, in whole or in part, ranging from design, procurement, assembly inspection and so on.
By increasing productivity, cost reduction can be achieved.
POINT!: By "adjusting to kit/module", reduce process and improve productivity.

Provide all the necessary materials
for the module in a set.

Reduce process such as procurement
stock control, quality control,
Material payment and so on.

We deliver according to your production process.
We take over all tasks from piping
design, assembly to inspection.
By “adjusting to kit/module”, reduce process and improve productivity.
We respond to low-volume, high-mix and quick delivery requests.
We handle small lot and quick delivery for even special order products which other companies are rarely flexible to handle, as well as standard products.
We help you achieve significant stock cuts and boost your sales expansion.
POINT!: By "delivery", reduce lead time and improve the responsiveness to change.

We also handle small lots and quick delivery for special order products.
We handle requests for small lots or quick delivery, even for special order products.

We deliver when necessary and in the quantities required.
Ihara Science delivers when necessary and in the quantities required.
We provide an energy-saving piping system with no fluid resistance.
We provide a piping system with reduced pressure loss and power consumption. This “optimum piping system” realizes energy saving and achieves your sales expansion.
POINT!: By "making a difference in products", the optimum piping system is established.

A piping system with less fluid resistance
From fluid inlet to use point, we make
piping with less fluid resistance.

Realize compactification
We establish a compact and clear
piping system.

Excellent maintainbility
We provide piping layout with excellent
We establish optimum energy-saving piping free from welding and fluid resistance.

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